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IMAP/POP Migration

More than just an inbox

Your Zoho Mail inbox is Mail, Chat, Calendar, Notes, Tasks, and Contacts all rolled into one. Even if you just want to stick to plain email, we've still got some new tricks up our sleeve:
  •  Smart Compose

    Just '@' mention your recipient(s) while composing, and hit send...

  •  Share Drafts

    ..or get a second opinion on that draft before you hit 'send'.

  •  Schedule Mails

    But if right now isn't the best time, schedule it to be sent later.

  •  Folder Sharing

    Share folders with your team mates, let them handle emails in your absence.

  •  Scrub

    Bulk archive emails based on customizable parameters.

  •  Watch Mail

    We'll notify you about email threads based on the conditions you set.

  •  Attachment Viewer

    See all your attachments in one place, like browsing your smartphone's gallery.

  •  Bookmarks

    Save your frequently visited URLs for quick access from your inbox.

  •  Contacts

    A complete directory of your saved contacts within reach.