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Tips to keep your warehouse at its best

Inventory| 6 mins read

Managing a warehouse takes more than manning the flow of items–you also have to keep it in prime condition at all times. A sudden breakdown of the conveyor system in a massive warehouse, a faulty crane–all these things and more can throw day-to-day operations into disarray. This can lead to delays in order fulfillments or an increase in project hours (due to time spent repairing machinery or cleaning up the aftermath of a technical snag), which could not only cost you customers/deals, but also lead to hazards that endanger both the property and warehouse personnel. Hence, warehouse maintenance procedures should be given as much priority as other daily operations.

Tips to keep your warehouse at its best

Below, we’ve outlined some best practices to help you keep your warehouse safe and productive at all times.

Preventive maintenance

You can prevent most workplace hazards by putting the following measures into practice:

Recruitment & training

Safety equipment & precautions

Remember: With safety gear, you have nothing to fear.

Hygiene & pest control

Planned maintenance

Periodic maintenance can minimize equipment downtime and reduce maintenance costs. Below are some basic maintenance tips you should follow to keep your warehouse running at full capacity:

Have a maintenance plan

Stay vigilant

Use the gold you have mined

By regularly monitoring your warehouse equipment, spares, and procedures, and promoting the wellbeing of your personnel, you’ll not only increase the productivity of your warehouse, but you’ll also minimize your losses in the event of an emergency or accident. Work with your employees to make sure your warehouse is as safe as it can be.

That marks the end of the warehouse series. We hope that this knowledge is useful to those who are in the intial phases of expanding their business from a single location to multiple locations. If you haven’t already checked out the previous three articles on warehouse management tips, you can find them here:

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