Build Beautiful Widgets

Use widgets to embed any custom application or third party service into your Zoho CRM account. Work using multiple services from within your Zoho CRM account and never worry about losing context.

  • Your apps are meant to be together.

    Not only can you use widgets to sync data between Zoho CRM and other embedded applications, you can also operate the application within Zoho CRM and let it act on your account's data in real time.

  • Blend apps into Zoho CRM.

    Load other apps seamlessly inside Zoho CRM's interface. By being indistinguishable from Zoho CRM's default layout, your apps create a smooth user experience. You also have complete control over the UI if you need to customize or re-design your widget.

  • Single interface. Single password.

    Widgets are compatible with single sign-on. Use your Zoho CRM credentials to automatically log into other applications, so your team isn't burdened with multiple passwords while using multiple services.

  • Never switch tabs again.

    Sync information from multiple services and never feel the need to switch between tabs. Write new features on top of the embedded app's existing functions so that Zoho CRM covers everything your organization needs.

Build using Widget SDK

The Widget SDK significantly reduces your team's development and deployment cycle through powerful JavaScript wrappers for all of Zoho CRM's REST API. 

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