Build mobile apps powered by Zoho CRM.

Announcing mobile SDKs for iOS and Android. Make the Zoho CRM experience simpler and more relevant for your employees. Engage your customers like never before.

Why go mobile?

  • Offer a simplified experience

    Users are more likely to use apps that they are comfortable with. Hence the need for minimal apps with very specific functions that are simple to perform, and painlessly add the necessary data to CRM. 

    Control over users and data

    Not all CRM data is useful or relevant for users in different roles in an organization. Build apps specific to their roles, so each individual can see exactly what they need to see.

  • Avoid the drudgery of data entry

    Your superhuman field sales team or customer service agents don't have to spend time at their desk entering data into the system. It's far easier for them to update details on the fly, on their own apps.

    Engage with customers in new ways

    Expand customer reach and to create new revenue channels with a mobile-first strategy. A Zoho CRM powered mobile app will let you adopt more lucrative ways of engaging with customers.

Custom mobile apps have amazing potential.

  • Deal with documents on the fly

    Equip your sales teams with convenient apps that help them to upload, edit, and sign important documents on the go. Your team can associate documents to any Zoho CRM record from the app's interface itself.

  • Augment your mobile apps with Zoho CRM

    Do you sell products through your own mobile apps? Add Zoho CRM functionality to your mobile app to streamline your flow of leads and track all mobile app sales from a unified interface.

Building a mobile app is a 4-step process.

  • 1. Evaluate the goals of the solution. 

    Define specific pain points that your app will attempt to solve. What made you decide to build a mobile app? What are your expectations?

  • 2. Summarize user scenarios 

    These stories should narrate how users use data, and get tasks done. What problems are they trying to solve? Write scenarios for each role in your organization.

  • 3. Design a prototype. 

    Our SDKs take care of technical steps like scaffolding, authentication, API wrapping, version upgrades, and data modelling. Just focus on building the UI components.

4. Distributing your mobile apps 

For Customers

Our SDKs are tailored for building apps that could be distributed on both App Store and Play Store.

For Employees

Integrate your account with Zoho's Mobile Device Manager to manage the usage of your mobile apps among your employees and to distribute all your apps from a single dashboard.


Get Zoho CRM's SDK for building apps for Android and iOS.

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